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Hey there!  Pastor John here reaching out to you because you have either expressed an interest in Membership at Faith Assembly, or I believe that you would be an excellent candidate for such a step given your growth in Christ and heart for service.

Why Church Membership? Well, let's be clear: Membership will NOT make you "more spiritual" or get you a "better spot in heaven"! (Hah!)  However, Church Membership gives you opportunities.

1. It gives you the opportunity to say to your pastors and church body, "You can count on me!"  2. It gives you the opportunity to serve in certain roles and participate in key decisions affecting the direction and life of Faith Assembly. And 3. It gives you the opportunity to experience this journey of faith with a greater sense of community and accountability (and we all need those!).

With these things in mind, I'm looking forward to hearing back from you so I can send you a follow-up step (should you choose to accept your "mission").

in Christ,

Pastor John

**PS- Don't forget to email me back to confirm your interest in moving forward!


Hi ____! I'm so excited about your step toward Membership! God has called us to be more than "Lone Rangers" on this journey of faith.  My hope and prayer is that during this process, as well as for the rest of your life, you will experience the blessing that God has provided us in being a part of a local church like Faith Assembly. You won't be alone as I'll be corresponding with you and others who have been interested in this step as well.


Step 1

A good starting point would be to think about and send me a response to each of the following:

1. When did you make a decision to follow Jesus and when were you water baptized?

2. Were you a Member of another church in the past - and, if so, what was your reason for leaving?

3. Why are you becoming a Member of Faith Assembly and what became the final "push" for you to become a Member?

4. Are you willing to faithfully support the mission and ministries of Faith Assembly thru service, prayer and financial support?

5. Are you willing to practice biblical submission to your spiritual leaders including Pastors and Ministry Leaders?

6. Are you willing to make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit in Faith Assembly - doing all you can to promote peace and extinguish any hint of divisiveness, gossip, rebellion and complaining?

7. Are you currently involved in any relationships or behaviors that are in conflict with God's Word and would bring a reproach upon Christ and this Church?

8. Is there any unconfessed sin that you need to deal with before joining as a Member?

9. If someone from outside the church - who sees your every day life - came into Faith Assembly and saw you being received as a Member, what would his/her reaction be?

10. How & when do you currently worship God?

11. What are you doing to GROW in your walk with God?

12. Will you PRAY daily on your own as well as together with the church body?

13. Will you READ God's Word daily on your own as well as engage in opportunities for the whole church to grow in God's Word?

14. Will you attend Faith Assembly's Annual Business Meeting (in February) and all other Special Business Meetings whereby decisions are made affecting the life of the Body?

15. Are you willing to use your God-given gifts and resources for the furtherance of Christ's Kingdom thru Faith Assembly - seeking not simply to be blessed, but to be a blessing?


Step 2

Read thru the AG Statement of Fundamental Truths and jot down any questions, check up on the Scripture passages, and see if you're on board with these 16 truths - even if you're in the process of fully understanding them (as we all are!).  Then, send me back an email with any questions or thoughts that you might have.

Here's the link:


Step 3

Watch the Following iValue videos found from the link below.  Be sure to watch the Welcome video as well the videos on Salvation, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Divine Healing and the Second Coming of Christ. *Be sure to select "Complete Teaching" videos for each and please send me an email when you have completed all of them (be sure to include any questions or comments - please ask questions!). Thanks.

Here's the link:

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